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Children want your love and positive attention --- the way they express it can be confusing and sometimes maddening to both you as well as them. Child therapy provides a supportive way to understand and address your child's struggles, behaviors and developmental needs. As a clinician, I approach each child through a child - centered lens, treating the child with unconditional positive regard, acceptance and empathy. Using modalities such as child-centered play therapy, talk therapy, and art therapy, I help your child develop tools to cope with and work through challenges and stressors. Your child will learn age appropriate emotional expression and skills that will help them to control,  manage, and tolerate stressors experienced at home, socially or at school. Ultimately, the child builds greater self-acceptance, personal responsibility, self concept and  decision-making. This approach enables you as the caregiver, to understand what is behind your child’s behavioral changes and develop ways to feel more empowered and connected to them.


I begin by meeting with you to understand your concerns as a caregiver, review the child's history and identify your goals for therapy.  With your child, I start by creating a safe space so they feel seen, heard and understood. I use laughter and lightness to facilitate connection. I see child therapy as a team effort, frequently collaborating with caregivers, teachers and important figures in the child's life. Ongoing, I meet with the child individually and have collateral meetings and updates with caregivers. 

In working with children, I specialize in the following diagnoses: 

  • Trauma (acute and complex)

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • ADHD

  • Self Harm

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Select Mutism

  • Family Changes/Transitions

  • Difficulty with Friendships

  • Grief and Loss

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